About me

My name is Libor Matoušek and my job is saving historical vehicles.
I particularly specialise in motorcycle fuel tank renovations.

You can see most of my work here on the website, or you can start following me on Facebook and join our community.


For all workshops, I follow the sentence: Good and quality food cannot come from a dirty and neglected kitchen.

How it all began

All my childhood is connected with petrol and the strange smell of my father's workshop and a Manet scooter that he used for work purposes. It had a trailer adapted for wood, coal or shopping transport. My father had allowed me and my two brothers to participate in various repairs and workshop activities ever since our childhood. The motorcycles, and all of these memories, accompany my life as a hobby. For over 20 years I worked as a manager in another field, where I was responsible for the company operation and for the employees. This job exhausted me and, when I considered my future, working with old motorcycles was the closest and most logical solution.


Tento motocykl je v rodině od roku 1950 kdy jej koupil děda, pak ho zdědil otec a nakonec je u mě kdy jsem ho chtěl zachránit jako vzpomínku na dětství. Celá renovace mi trvala 1 rok. Motocykl Manet 90 je jednoválec dvoupíst.

Převoz z rodného bydliště

Příprava, pískování, chromování…


A už jezdí…